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Main house with flowers
Dawn over the garden at The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga

Help preserve a place for peace.

What first brought you to the Centre?

Was it a yoga retreat or teacher training certification? A spiritual getaway? A wellness weekend you gifted to yourself?

Regardless of why you came, if you’ve visited us at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga you know that there’s something special about it here that touches people profoundly —  and impacts lives.

Maybe it impacted yours.

Here’s why we really need your support.

Although we are the longest running spiritual retreat centre on the West Coast, the Centre lives and breathes on the contributions we receive from our community.

Yes. This incredible place exists  — above all else — thanks to the kindness and generosity of others just like you.

Our donors are not strangers. They’re people who have visited us here at the centre. Friends, who’ve witnessed the magic here first hand and wish to preserve and steward that legacy forwards for future groups of people to enjoy.  Just like you.

That’s why we’re asking for your support.

Help us ensure the special place that you experienced lives on for someone one else.

Where Your Donations Go

Candle burning
Preservation of Sacred Spaces
House rental at The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga

Become a Centre Sustainer and make a monthly contribution.

We are grateful for every single contribution. But the very best way you can help preserve the Centre is to become a Centre Sustainer, by making a small monthly contribution of absolutely any amount that works for you.

Why monthly donations?

For us, your monthly donations strengthen our ability to budget with accuracy.  They allow us to forecast for the future and ensure the predictable stewardship of funds.

For you, becoming a Centre sustainer is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with this sacred place. When you come back on your next visit you’ll see the value of your investment at work — how your contributions have helped other people on their spiritual journey as much as yours.

One-Time Donations

Who does your contribution help?

You!  And, people just like you.

Your contribution to the Salt Spring Yoga centre benefits anyone looking for a spiritual or educational experience.

Yoga has become incredibly popular.  But not for profit educational retreat centers and spiritual organizations here in Canada, dedicated to the fundamental principles of yoga, are becoming harder and harder to find.

With your help, we can ensure that people, like you, have a sacred place to return to year after year.

Where they may come to learn…play…celebrate…

Or just experience peace.

Thank you for being a generous friend of the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga.

We could not do what we do without your support.