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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Where knowledge meets experience

Applications Closed

The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga is no longer accepting applications to YTT-200 in 2024. If you wish to be notified of future training opportunities or Centre programs, please sign up for our newsletter below.


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A one of a kind, highly curated, and reputable teacher training program.

Searching for the right teacher training can be difficult. There are so many options out there to choose from. And many questions to ask. Which format is the best? What sort of qualifications should you be looking for?

How do you really know which is the best teacher training or what YTT program is the right fit for you?

If you’re asking these kinds of questions, maybe we can help.

At the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, the best of yoga knowledge meets the deepest of experiences.

Let’s see if it’s a fit for you.

People in a Yoga Teacher Training class

First, check out our credentials.

Experience and reputation matter.

When you’re looking for a yoga teacher training, or a yoga instructor certification, make sure to check credentials because experience and reputation matter.

Unlike most other teacher trainings which feature just one or two primary teachers who handle a wide gamut of topics — at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga we’re proud to say we have a 15+ member multi-generational faculty with many decades of combined experience.

Each of our faculty are experts in their respective fields who draw on years of study and practice.

So whether it be a morning pranayama or asana practice, a lesson in yoga philosophy, a lecture on anatomy or physiology, you know you’re getting the very best from an absolute expert in their field.

“Faculty has a high degree of integrity and knowledge – no shortcuts taken on material – excellent emphasis on the Patanjali yoga sutras and philosophy as well as pranayama and meditation – beautiful location and welcoming community.”

~ Allan Bishop

YTT meals

Next, explore our format.

Here’s why an immersive yoga teacher training might be right for you.

Nowadays there are nearly as many formats to choose from as there are teacher trainings.

Depending on your schedule and finances, doing a yoga teacher training on the weekends, near to where you live and work, might seem like the best option.  And sometimes it is.

But there are some real advantages to committing to an immersive yoga teacher training in a supportive environment dedicated exclusively to yoga. Here are a few:

No Distractions

The idea of going home at the end of a teacher training day might feel novel. But people usually discover that the pressures of everyday life are waiting for them at home. Sometimes these pressures can distract from everything you’re learning.

Supportive Environment

Partners, family and friends often do their best to support us on our yoga journeys. But they don’t always completely understand what’s involved in the transformative process of going through a YTT. At the Centre, you’ll find that when stuff comes up, you have the support you need, all around you.

Life Experience

There’s something special about going into retreat and taking dedicated time to exclusively engage in study and practice that just can’t be replicated. Year after year we see that there is a transformational value to the immersive format in addition to what students are studying and learning.

Yogi stretching in a Yoga Teacher Training class

Finally, decide what’s most important to you.

What do you really want to learn?

Unfortunately, you can’t have it all in 200hrs. The history and lineage of yoga is incredibly vast and there’s no way to learn it all in one training.

So, when searching for a yoga teacher training, it’s a good idea to make a mental list of what’s most important to you.

Are you looking to learn fundamental principles in yoga philosophy?  Are you wanting to experience all the dimensions of yoga including things like breath work (pranayama) and meditation? Are you looking for training that will teach you complex sequences and power yoga flow? Are you wanting to teach after your training?

The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga Teacher Training places a great emphasis on teaching the fundamental teachings of all 8 limbs of classical yoga.  We strive to give students a good foundation in the original, holistic principles of yoga.

So trainees leave the program feeling ready to teach, immersed in knowledge and excited to learn more!

“The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga YTT 200 hr program was unlike any other yoga training I have experienced to date. The detail found within the manual, the balance within the course content itself, to the knowledge shared by the teachers…my experience went above and beyond what I could have imagined. The fact that it was a live in-house course allowed me to fully dive in to the learnings that unfolded. Some of the instructors stay onsite so there is plenty of support when needed (within good boundaries, of course). The practical knowledge was fantastic. Overall highly recommended. I will be forever thankful for this unbeatable foundational program.”

~ Brianne Crisanti

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People in a Yoga Teacher Training class
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