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Dorothy Price

All Levels Hatha

With Dorothy Price

A balanced combination of sustained poses with attention to basic alignment and therapeutic principals. Mindfulness; observing breath and body (triputi) are an integral part of class. This style of yoga provides a great stretch and strengthens the body.

Cara Graci - Yoga Instructor

Gentle Hatha Repair

With Cara Graci

This class offers a gentle, healing, slow flow; cultivating peace of mind, while calming your heart and strengthening, stretching and energizing your body—with every movement, and every breath. The emphasis is on the healing, uplifting and rejuvenating benefits of Yoga. Suitable for all levels.

Jim Dickinson - Yoga Instructor

Gentle Yoga

With Jim Dickinson

A class dedicated to an aging population, this is a therapeutic style yoga with individual attention. The criteria for attending my yoga class is the ability to walk one kilometer. Flexability is not a prerequisite, it will be the result of learning to move your body through mindful yoga.

Cara Graci - Yoga Instructor

Mellow Yoga

With Cara Graci

Classes resume May 1, 2022.

In “Mellow Yoga”, you practice cultivating peace-of-mind, and strength-of-spirit, to nourish your body, mind and spirit.  You will stretch, and strengthen;  beginning with standing, and reclining warm-ups, followed by a reclining yoga practice, ending with a restorative relaxation practice, with props such as;  pillows, bolsters, and blankets to fully support, and relax the body. Concentration is on your breath;  allowing for a deep introspective class, restoring vibrant energy to the body.  Suitable for all levels.

John Howe - Yoga Instructor

Yin / Yang Yoga

With John Howe

This 75 minute combination class provides the strength building postures usually associated with a Hatha yang practice, incorporating breath work with an emphasis on building strength and resiliency in the body/heart/mind. Additionally, this unique class provides an opportunity to practice long held restorative yin postures, mostly done from the floor using props and supports. Approximately half the class will focus on yang postures; In the other half of the class, we will focus on restorative yin asanas. This combination class is suitable for any yoga student, from beginner to advanced practitioner.

John Howe - Yoga Instructor

Yoga Flow for Everybody

With John Howe

A fun and challenging class suitable for all levels. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a beginner this is the yoga class for you. Using pranayama and asana, we will explore the many benefits of moving the energetic body synced with a relaxed slow breath. This class is a guided meditative movement practice that focuses on increasing flexibility, strength, and balance in a way that honors the various body types and experience levels. Various postural options are provided throughout the class so that each student receives a practice tailored to their individual needs-mentally, physically and emotionally.