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Help support the Centre through this critical time!

Greetings from the Board

The Dharma Sara Board (Lakshmi, Chandra, Jules and Divakar) with the support of the Panchayat (Sharada, Kalpana, Sri Nivas, Laskhmi, Chandra and Divakar) want to thank Shankar for his significant contribution as Centre Director over the past 4 years. The Centre during that time has played a most important role in the lives of many people as a place for spiritual development and personal transformation. The programs and events at the Centre have been very successful and the Satsang community has grown substantially.

The Board also expresses its appreciation that the position of Centre Director has now been filled by Meredith Paramita Knox.

Her education combined with her work experience, management skills and history with Babaji and his teachings are very suited to the role that she will now be playing. Our deliberations in selecting Paramita were conducted over a considerable period of time during which all the various possible options were taken into account and support from the Panchayat was provided. We feel very fortunate that Paramita has come on board at this time and we welcome her whole-heartedly.

As 2012 draws to a close, we also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed this year and over the years to Dharma Sara’s welfare both at the Centre and elsewhere. Babaji has provided us with very precious gifts in the form of his inspiration and his teachings along with a Centre where those gifts can be shared with others. It has taken the efforts of countless numbers of people (both staff and volunteers) over many years to bring us to where we now stand. Our main goal moving forward is to continue with our inherited yogic tradition for the benefit of future generations. We encourage everyone to continue to support Dharma Sara in whatever way that they can, be that at the Centre or wherever they may be. Donations for the Centre through Dharma Sara Satsang Society are most appreciated and enable us to contribute to and be part of this blessed project whether we live close by or far away. Donations for the Orphanage are most welcome as well. Tax receipts are available for these donations.

Best wishes to everyone for a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year’s as we move into 2013.

Om, Divakar