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Sharada’s November Update

The water is rushing in the creek and the pond is very full. The deer are eating the last of the windfall pears that lie outside the farm fence – and occasionally managing to get into the garden; the farm team is working on closing all possible entry points. Our program season is almost over and the Centre’s residential community will soon shrink as it does every winter. We are grateful for the amazing people who end up finding their way to the Centre as karma yogis. Thank you all! We couldn’t do this without you!

On the first of this month we held an appreciation dinner for Shankar to thank him for his commitment and service to the Centre over his four years as director. Over forty people came for the fabulous dinner prepared by the kitchen team, and stayed for the circle that followed. People shared their gratitude for the many ways Shankar has touched their lives. There were more toasts than roasts, along with a few jokes and songs. People were happy to hear Shankar isn’t going far away and will remain an important part of our satsang community.

We are delighted to welcome our new Centre director, Paramita Meredith Knox. Please read Greetings from the New Centre Director to learn more about her connection to Babaji and the Centre. Paramita has slid into life at the Centre with ease, having been welcomed by everyone and supported by Shankar in this transition. Given her familiarity with the workings of this community and her communication skills, honed by her years as a social worker, Paramita has a solid foundation to stand upon as she moves forward in her new role.

The Centre School will be holding its 29th annual Advent celebration of light on the 27th of this month. The school children walk, one at a time, youngest to oldest, through a labyrinth of cedar boughs and stars to light their candles from the one central candle while they and all the adults who are gathered – parents, grandparents and friends from the island community – sing songs of light. Usha, the school’s founder, who initiated this celebration in the first year of the school, continues to bring her special touch to the gathering as she leads everyone in song.

In the dark days of winter, may we all keep our candles lit, remembering that the light is always there. Keep on shining!

Keep your lamps trimmed and burning,
Keep your lamps trimmed and burning,
Gotta keep your lamps trimmed and burning,
For this old world is almost done.

In peace,