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Greetings from the New Centre Director, Paramita Meredith Knox

New Centre Director, Paramita

I feel so very honoured to be offered the position of Centre Director, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to serve in this capacity. My connection to the Centre began shortly after I moved to Salt Spring Island in 1994, as it did not take me long to find my way to the asana classes and occasionally to Sunday satsang. I have always felt very drawn to the beautiful, peaceful setting here, and to the wonderful people who make up the satsang.

In 2002, I was a student in the first Yoga Teacher Training program, an experience that deepened my yoga practice and strengthened my commitment to my spiritual path. I returned the next summer to assist with the second YTT and at that time became a student of Babaji. He gave me the name ´Paramita‘ and told me that it means limitless and vast, a name that challenges me to look beyond the obvious and to allow my spiritual practice to guide my life. I continued to assist with YTT each summer and moved to the Centre in 2004 as the Karma Yoga Program Coordinator. I stayed in this position for two seasons, when I left to explore my ancestral home of Iceland and discover the part of myself that is Icelandic.

My six-year stay in Iceland was an amazing journey of self-discovery, and my sadhana practice strengthened and supported me through the challenges of learning a new language and culture in a small, isolated town on the arctic circle. I return now to Salt Spring Island to be closer to my family, and to continue to serve my teacher and my satsang, as well as all of the seekers who are drawn to the teachings and practice of yoga offered at the Centre. I look forward to meeting and connecting with all of the satsang members.