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Karma Yoga Reflections – Raven, Kris, Jeff & Tana

In answer to the prompts: What work are you doing at the Centre? What are you working on within yourself? and What inspires you?, here are a few reflections contributed by some of our karma yogis.

Raven Hume & Kris Cox


Amidst the glorious singing of the frogs, blossoming flowers and the warming days and nights, I have deepened into my duties in and around the kitchen. I have also been deepening in my practice and study of Babaji’s ritual offerings: leading yajnas on the full moon and arati each morning. I’m loving the kirtan, satsang, Gita classes, and the opportunity to serve with such an amazing crew!


What work are you doing at the Centre?
I coordinate the various programs we hold over the season, the rental groups that come to use the Centre and the weekly yoga classes that are offered. I’m also taking care of the office administration and registration.

What are you working on within yourself?
I’m working on developing positive qualities – which sounds simple but is actually pretty challenging. I’m trying to let go of my own expectations of perfection, I’m working on the ability to let things go, and I’m trying to ask, “What is the kindest thing to do” (rather than what’s “right”) whenever I can.

What are you inspired by?
I am inspired by the love that people have in their hearts, and seeing people doing what brings them joy.

Jeff Fisher & Tana Dalman
Jeff Fisher & Tana Dalman


I arrived to the Centre in early May and am grateful to call this calm, loving community my home for the summer. As the days get steadily longer, I am helping to keep our gardens watered and weeded for summer harvesting. This season, my intent is to keep life simple, leaving plenty of space to expand in the sunshine.


I’m grateful to be in a community that is practicing selfless service. It is here I touch a very deep place of peace, and wonder at the miracle of life.