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Life Improv 101

babaji-febnewsLife would be so simple if we wanted what we have and didn’t want what we don’t have, but that’s not generally the way we operate, is it?

The Rolling Stones pointed out, back in 1966, that “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find you get what you need.”

How do we know that what we get is what we need? We know because that’s what’s happening, it is the reality of the situation. This doesn’t mean we give up on the possibility of change, but it does mean we have to start by accepting that whatever it is that’s happening is the current reality. Then, whatever the situation, we are more likely to be able to relax into the present and respond wisely.

If we understand the truth that attachments are a mental construct that causes pain, then we can be sane and live in the world peacefully.

Surrender to God’s plan and everything will be okay. Surrender is also a fast way to get dispassion. If you really surrender it is the fastest way. You have to accept that there is nothing you can do. Then surrender to your samskaras and accept your limitations. It is a test. There are some karmas that we have no freedom to change except by how we react. They are bearing fruit. Lose $100 and get miserable, or lose $100 and don’t care. Either way, you have to lose $100.

Life unfolds as it does. If we have to lose $100 we can be miserable or we can carry on with life and take the next step. Babaji says: You have your duties and responsibilities to the world and you can do them with a smile on your face or you can have a sad heart and tears in your eyes. It doesn’t make any difference to the world but it makes a difference in the way you feel.

Many years ago when my daughter took a class in improvisational theatre, she told me about three rules of improv that she had learned. It turns out these are pretty good rules for life in general.

  1. No blocking: This is what’s being offered to you in this moment. Denying it or not accepting it simply doesn’t work. It cuts short any possibility of change, growth or connecting with another person, with a situation or with yourself.
  2. No wimping: Wimping is being unclear, not dealing directly with what’s at hand, or saying a half-hearted yes. This response muddies the waters. There’s no commitment in it, no forward movement. Nothing changes.
  3. Say yes: Yes doesn’t mean you necessarily agree with or like the situation, but it’s saying yes to the reality you’re faced with, yes to life with all its messiness and mystery. Yes allows for all kinds of possibilities that don’t exist if we’re blocking or wimping.

Nonacceptance of life causes discontentment and that is pain. If we accept ourselves as we are and surrender to God, then we will love everyone including ourselves. Life has four stages: birth, growth, decay and death. Everyone who takes birth will pass through these four stages. If we understand and accept this, then we will not be afraid of life.

Wish you happy.

contributed by Sharada

All text in italics is from writings from Babaji.