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Many Reasons to Practice Karma Yoga

farm yogisKarma yoga at the Centre has been a beautiful and transformative experience for many, providing time away from the busy-ness of daily life to connect with one’s self, with nature and with like-minded people.

The following are a few more reasons, as compiled from Karma yogis of the past.

Reasons to practice Karma yoga at the Salt Spring Centre

  • Amazing abundance of harvest from our organic farm
  • The beautiful weather
  • The cool swims at the nearby lakes
  • The colourful flowers
  • Asanas in the sun
  • Supportive and friendly people
  • Healthy space – break from negativity
  • In harmony with nature
  • Freedom from the mundane
  • The spirit of the place
  • The community of wonderful and inspiring people
  • The extraordinary opportunities for learning and growth through the practice of yoga
  • The amazingly delicious food
  • The great beauty of the land
  • Definitely the people. Whether serving the guests or sharing time with fellow KYs it’s a blessing to be together
  • The focus. Self-less service and meditation give joy and peace to the experience
  • Re-union. Every returning KY is a friend from before
  • Community. By working, playing and practicing together our family grows every season
  • Fulfillment. The completeness of the experience removes desire
  • The intention of the Centre
  • The people carrying out the intention
  • The morning meditations
  • Having access to yoga classes
  • Being in Divine nature

Enjoy more photos of Karma yoga life here.