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Meet our Karma Yogis: Sherri

Karma Yogi Sherri
Karma Yogi Sherri

I am a seeker of new experiences, and community has been a big focal point in that search. My interest in farming and working with the land was what drew me here initially. In a sense I was a bit unprepared for how spiritual this community is. It has been eye-opening to learn about different teachings. Kirtan has now been incorporated into my life; I’ve been a regular at both Sunday satsang and Wednesday evening kirtan, pretty much every week. I’ve learned how spirituality can bring people together, and I appreciate the gathering of people for a collective purpose and common theme. I was looking for a safe and loving place to be, and I found it at the Centre. Community comes with its challenges, but those challenges have led to growth.

I had been involved in growing vegetables before, but wanted to experience a full season, seeing all the nuances of the seasons – planting, growing food and eating fresh and seasonally. Even if it means eating zucchini for a month, so be it.

How I spend my time is really important to me; I love to move my body physically and immerse myself in my work. Growing food, eating healthy food and living simply, with awareness of relationships – with the earth and the people I surround myself with – are a lifestyle, not a hobby. Living this way, I feel fulfilled and truly happy. Community is a big part of this: the support and love, both receiving and giving, and sharing experiences with people.

I’m now stepping into a new phase of my life, taking some of these teachings and the learning I’ve gained from the wonderful people who pass through here, with me. I hope to take some of this light and spread it out into the greater picture.