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News from the Centre (July 2014)

Hello to all of you,

Those of us living in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the long days of sunshine (and occasional showers) of summer. Life is beautiful at the Centre. Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians and Happy Fourth of July to our American friends. We hope to see many of you this summer.

Life is beautiful at the Centre

Our YSSI (Yoga Service and Study Immersion) group has been here for a month, and what a great group they are! Everyone is very busy working in their various departments, preparing for YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) which begins on the 3rd of July. They are eager participants in the daily pranayama and meditation classes and evening yoga theory classes.

Centre life. Clockwise from top left: Brands and Jeff  - lunchtime; Brenn enjoying lunch; Lakshmi and Tana; Julia and Sharada; Marianne - grated carrot on toast
Centre life!Clockwise from top left: Brandon and Jeff – lunchtime; Brenn enjoying lunch; Julia and Sharada; Lakshmi and Tana; Marianne – grated carrot on toast

We are delighted to welcome a new group of YTT students to our Centre family on July 3, and we are very pleased that Jeff, a karma yogi working this year in the garden, will be joining YTT this year.

ACYR 40th Anniversary

Later this summer – from July 31 – August 4 – we will celebrate our 40th Annual Yoga Retreat (ACYR). Piet, our creative and energetic ACYR coordinator, has been actively gathering a great staff to help in the many areas of the retreat. The energy is high for this event! Many people have already registered as guests, and I encourage you to add your name to the list of folks who are coming. There’s lots of information – and registration forms – available on the Centre’s website.

In this Month’s Newsletter

This month’s story for “Our Centre Community” is by Jenny Collver. Jenny is well-known and loved at the Centre. She is a popular yoga teacher here (and a great karma yogi). In addition, Jenny has deep roots in the Salt Spring Centre School. She also happens to be an entertaining writer and I’m sure you’ll enjoy her story.

Pratibha has contributed another gem this month – “Developing Positive Qualities: Ayurveda and the Mind”, bridging the line between ayurveda and yoga philosophy. I also invite you to read, “Don’t Give Up”, reminding us that failing at something isn’t the end.

The Asana of the Month features Utthita Trikonasana – Extended Triangle Pose – contributed by Peter Ashok Baragon. The instructions are very clear, and include modifications for those who have tightness in the hips or lower back. Try it!

Aloha, Friends

Aloha to Rajesh, Bonnie and their son, Sage, long-term Salt Spring Islanders and Salt Spring Centre family. They are moving to another island – in Hawaii. We’ll miss you!

May you all be nourished by the light.