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News from the Centre – September 2015

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying these last few days of summer. Lovely as all the sunshine is, we’re looking forward to a bit of rain. In fact, as I write this just before the end of August, the rains have arrived! We may get tired of it after a while, but right now it’s a blessing.

the maple tree on the mound
the maple tree on the mound
marigolds in the garden
marigolds in the garden
at the pond
at the pond

It has been a very busy summer at the Centre, filled with many wonderful people and events. We are pleased to introduce a new group of recently graduated yoga teachers.

YTT grads 2015
YTT grads 2015

One morning just before the last day, students and teachers alike were surprised by the sudden appearance of prop circles in the satsang room – yes, prop circles, not crop circles. There was lots of speculation about how that might have happened – forest gnomes perhaps? We did eventually discover the creative genius behind the sudden appearance, but I’m not giving away the secret.

Prop circles!
Prop circles!

Following YTT the movie, “Awake”, the story of Paramahansa Yogananda’s life, was shown at the Centre. Many people came, and the satsang room was packed! The movie came to us as a gift from two of our wonderful karma yogis, Tony and Donna. As the evening began, Tony played the harmonium and sang a Yogananda song, followed by Raven doing arati to Ganesh. Then came the movie, complete with popcorn.

At this writing, near the end of August, several karma yogis are about to move on to their next adventures. What a creative and loving group of people! Happily a few are staying on through the fall.

karma yogis
Hamsa, Madelaine, Marianne, Alannah, Brandon cuddling on the back deck
Karma Yogis
Meal prep: Raven, Matt, Myriam, Tana

Upcoming Yoga Workshops

Please take note of the two upcoming workshops, Prenatal Yoga with Kashi Richardson, September 18-21, and Yoga for Cancer with Chetna Tracy Boyd, October 2-4. These programs are approved for continuing education credits through Yoga Alliance for yoga teachers. If either of these interests you, I encourage you to register now.

We are excited to welcome Chetna, one of our core YTT teachers, as director of our YTT 500 program. She brings many years of experience teaching yoga at all levels and is also certified as a professional yoga therapist. In addition to her multiple skills, she is an absolute delight to work with.

Yoga Getaways continue through the fall season. They fill up quickly, so if you are interested in taking part, it’s always good to register early.

In this month’s newsletter

As always, there are several inviting articles to read. This month’s story in “Our Centre Community” is by Joseph Ramesh Pallant. Born into the satsang community, Ramesh has been involved in many inspiring undertakings over the years, living his values and contributing to life on this planet.

Pratibha’s article this month in the ongoing series, Ayurveda, Yoga and You focuses on the power of triphala. Please read Triphala – a Magic Formula for the Whole Body.

Kenzie has shared another book review with us, called We are all Walking Each Other Home. It is based on her reading of the book “How Can I Help?” by Ram Dass and Paul Gorman, an inspiring book about our interconnectedness and our natural inclination to be of service.

As we begin the move into the next season, Practicing Gratitude may help us to remember the many supports we have, even in the dark times when it’s a struggle to find gratitude for anything.

With wishes for a smooth transition into autumn,