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Ode To Theota Sudha Soleil

by Greta Chandrika

Theota Sudha Soleil

Happy birthday to my dear friend afar
Like sisters we were and sisters we still are
Your quick wit and laughter and very keen mind
Always so gentle, always so kind

You liked to sing with your lovely voice
Songs of kirtan and you would rejoice
In the spiritual oneness of all creation
And the blessed event of its manifestation

For almost 10 years you lived up the street
Back and forth we would all meet
Lisa liked to go over and cut your hair
As you sat in a comfy chair
Your special sunflower Jarrad can recall
It grew and grew so incredibly tall

You taught us well to get value for our money
Even which toilet paper to buy, now that was funny
But you had done the calculations-the number of sheets and ply
And to this day at Costco, those are the ones we still buy

The gifts life offered outweighed the hardships
And your love of life sparkled in your friendships
You held steadfast and saw the light 
Of the beauty all around you and kept up the fight
Your patience and determination saw you through
The physical hardships that you knew

Last year I remember we ate pizza with you
Me, Phil, Mischa and Harvey too
After that we got to chat for awhile
As we left you graced us with your beautiful smile

As grandmas we shared the love of our little boys
We talked forever about them, their cuteness and their toys
With your kindness, strength and determination
You lived with much appreciation
Of life’s beauty, joy and love
Which surrounded you from down here and from above

On my last visit in February, as it came to be
“I’m leaving my body”, you cried out to me
You did choose to leave at a time just right
For only one month later the world shut down tight

With all the visits, fun and meals we got to share
For your family, Theota, ours will always be there
Phil, Mischa, Dalton,when the world is back OK
Once again we will visit and the little boys will play

Greta Chandrika, 
With much love