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Offering to God

babaji-1999Offering to God: A tribute to Vishnu Ma and a teaching for all of us from Babaji

A number of years ago, one of Mount Madonna Center’s senior residents, in fact the oldest resident in the community and a longtime student of Babaji’s, asked Babaji about her sadhana practice. She was in her early 80s at the time and concerned about her spiritual progress. Babaji’s answer moved her deeply and she shared it with her fellow yogis. Vishnu Ma passed away a few years ago, but is still dear to our hearts. Babaji’s response to her still touches the heart and offers hope to the rest of us.

The following are excerpts from Vishnu Ma’s letter from Babaji:

Just live happily and offer every breath of life to God.

It’s ok to live in comfort and desire physical comfort if you offer it to God. Whatever comes to you, accept it and offer to God.

I understand how you feel because I am also old. I forget names and numbers. You will say ‘How to love God? I have no devotion. My mind goes to the world.’ I will say ‘Don’t worry. Offer, offer, offer to that divine existence who is unseen and formless.’

Everything is fine. Keep your mind positive in all situations.

May God bless you.