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Shankar’s September update


The Centre rarely hosts weddings but this past weekend was an exception. In bright sunshine on the flower-strewn mound, we celebrated the marriage of Sean Crabtree and Melinda Quintero. Lakshmi’s son, Sean, who was born on Salt Spring Island, has been associated with the Centre community all his life. He was already working at the Centre when Melinda came as a KY two years ago, and they have been together ever since, so it made perfect sense for them to celebrate their union back at the place they met. It was an occasion for many long-time members of the Dharma Sara community to reconnect, but it was also an affirmation of the continuing vitality of this community. Who knows how many more generations of Babaji’s students will grace the Centre with their wedding celebrations? It is so heartening to see the next generation deeply committed to the spiritual teachings and, despite busy lives, not losing touch with their community. As well as the many children of the long-time members, there are also grandchildren, and the wide age range was again evident at the 38th Annual Community Yoga Retreat. Add to these the steady influx of young people who have no parental connection but join the large, extended family by living and working at the Centre, and there is a vitality and energy that bodes well for the future.

Despite the warm, sunny days, there is a coolness to the evenings that reminds us that it is indeed September again – time to process the extra food from the farm, to store and juice apples and to fill up the woodshed with the split logs harvested in spring from the aging broadleaf maple trees at the front of the property. The summer KYs have departed and the resident community is smaller now as we move into the final third of the Centre’s season. There are opportunities for guests to enjoy this quiet phase with three more Yoga Getaways and many openings for Personal Retreats. Visit our website for details.

In peace,