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Sharada’s August Update

In the blink of an eye, it’s August. Since the last edition of this newsletter, the first session of Yoga Teacher Training and the 38th Annual Community Yoga Retreat have come and gone. Later this week, the YTT students will return for the second session of their program, culminating with their graduation as certified yoga teachers on August 19. The guiding principle for students and teachers is “teach to learn”. As Babaji says in Fire Without Fuel, “Life is for learning and the world is our school. Doing your homework every day brings liberation.”

The annual retreat was wonderful and the weather was perfect. Many families came – lots of kids this year! Adults attended classes while the kids played happily, the atmosphere both focused and relaxed. The work project focal point was the finishing of the temples in the garden. There was plenty of time for play, too – and for many, afternoon swims in one of the local lake.

As the retreat began we sent loving wishes to Shankar and his family on the passing of his mother as he and his daughter, Shannon, left for England to be with the rest of their family. The following day we extended the same wishes for peace to Kishori and her family on the passing of her mother. Life goes on and here we are all……

The Centre looks beautiful – the house, the grounds, the campground, the farm. The food, as always, is excellent, thanks to both the farm and the kitchen. Living in this land of abundance, we are blessed indeed – and the greatest blessing of all is that we have Babaji’s teachings to guide us.

A number of people from our sister centre (Mount Madonna Center) arrived early for the retreat, along with a few from Vancouver, several of them being second-generation satsang community members. This edition of Offerings features comments from some of them about what summer at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga means to them. The “Old Member” profile will continue next month.

In peace,