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Sharada’s December update

The days are growing shorter and the nights colder, but our resident community of seven people and the many people in the community who don’t live at the Centre continue to keep the light burning in the heart of the Centre. During this time the work of running the Centre slows down somewhat, yet preparations are underway for the spring program season. Applications are coming in daily for various full season positions as well as karma yoga service and study sessions.

Satsang and yoga classes will continue throughout the winter, and if we can muster both cooks and cleanup crew, our monthly community dinners will also continue, following satsang on the first Sunday of each month; check the Centre’s calendar and yoga schedule for updates about this and any other events. At this writing, Wednesday evening kirtan is also continuing, at least for now, and possibly through the winter; stay tuned.

There has been very encouraging news from Mount Madonna Centre (MMC), our sister centre (‘center’ in the US) about Babaji’s recovery from a mild stroke in early November. He attended Thanksgiving at MMC and happily handed out candy to the children as always. Jai Gurudev!

As happens each winter, a number of people travel to MMC for the annual New Year’s Retreat, to see Babaji, gather with our extended satsang family, work and practice together and bring in the new year with prayers and songs for peace.

May our holiday season be a time of ease, connection and joy, remembering, when we get caught in the busyness of the season, to slow down and breathe. When we forget – which we do regularly – stop for a moment and be still. Let yourself relax, be kind to yourself. From Babaji: Life is not a burden. We create burdens by our desires, attachment and ego. If we accept life in the world, it creates contentment and all conflicts fall away. Wish you happy.

In peace,