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Shiva Ratri 2014

ShivaThursday February 27, 2014

Join us at the Centre for Shiva Ratri, an all-night vigil of chanting and prayer.

Shiva Ratri is an opportunity to affirm your deepest sense of presence. Your deepest sense of authenticity. It is an opportunity to step into your heartiest sense of peace, creativity and warmheartedness towards all of creation. Coming together as a group increases the support and focus as we take up various centring and prayerful exercises which have been passed down through the millennia. Staying up all night with such focus and intention is a great way to sluff off any habits which keep us locked in stale and life denying patterns. Shiva is the archetypal epitome of the Yogis, and as such, many simple but powerful yogic practices will be engaged.

The day begins in the morning with the making of 1008 clay lingams, representing sahasrara chakra, the lotus of a thousand petals. The evening celebration will begin at sundown (6:30 pm) with arati, followed by kirtan to Shiva, mantra yoga, stories and asanas. There will be two pujas, one at midnight and one around 5 am, ending with arati. Then the lingams are carried to the pond and offered into the water.

If you are planning to make lingams and offer at one or both pujas, you must begin your fast by Wednesday February 26th at 8am and continue through the all-night Shiva Ratri celebration.

For further information, to register for a room, to sign up for lingam making or offering at either the midnight or 5 am puja, please contact Rajani: or 250-537-9537.

There is no charge, but a donation to cover costs would be appreciated.

[expand title=”CLICK HERE to view the evening’s schedule.”]
6:30 pm Invocation, Arati, Hanuman Chalisa & Kirtan *
11:00 pm pm Forgiveness Prayers & Asanas
11:30 pm Kirtan
12:00 am Mantra Yajna
1:30 am Kirtan
4:00 am Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)
4:30 am Kirtan
5:00 am Mahashivaratri Puja Yajna
6:30 am Procession to immerse lingams
7:00 am Breakfast

* Children can be with parents quietly until 9:30 pm. After 9:30 pm no children are to be in the house until morning Arati (about 6:00 am)

You are invited to participate in as much of the evening as you wish. There is no requirement to stay the entire evening.


We hope you will join us! All are welcome.

Learn more about Shiva and Shiva Ratri here.