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Meet our YTT Grads: Tana Dalman

YTT graduate, Tana Dalman
YTT graduate, Tana Dalman

Tana graduated from the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga’s YTT program in August, 2013. As a new graduate – and a karma yogi at the Centre – she has begun to teach yoga classes to the other karma yogis at the Centre. Tana’s life is guided by spiritual teachings and practices, which she delights in sharing with others.

What motivated you to begin practicing yoga? How did yoga come to be a part of your life?
In the beginning I practiced asana to warm up for my martial arts training. When I came to the centre to live and serve in a healthy community, my passion for yoga was ignited.

What attracted you to the SSCY YTT program?
I was attracted to the YTT program at SSCY because the course was based on Baba Hari Dass’ teachings. The teachings of Babaji were handed down over several decades to founding members of SSCY. The instruction seemed to be a complete overview of the classical Astanga Yoga system, not just asana.

What aspect of yoga has had the most transformative effect on your life?
Pranayama and meditation has had the most impact on my life; there is a stillness and a steadiness that is with me throughout my day. Also, the principals of yama and niyama are a foundation for a virtuous life.

What surprised you the most about the practice of yoga? How has your understanding of yoga deepened?
Shat Karma was very suprising, fun and funny. Yoga is a life way;the deepening of devotion and faith continue to grow inside me since I began learning all these practices. I believe the eight limbs of Astanga Yoga have something to offer every type of person regardless of race, creed or background.

What can students expect from the yoga teacher training at the Centre?
To receive a complete comprehensive instruction of the eight limbs of Astanga Yoga or as much as you can possibly fit into a 200 hour course.

How has your practice evolved since completing the YTT program? Are you sharing yoga in your community? If so, what inspires you to share the practice?
My body posture is automatic and correct in my poses.
I am sharing my yoga with my community; as Babaji says, “Teach to learn”. I feel like I just got here five minutes ago, and I’m fully immersed.

Where do you live? What do you do in your life apart from yoga?
I am from Vancouver and staying at the Centre as a Karma Yogi. As a First Nations person I participate in native ceremonies. For many years I worked with high risk youth as an outdoor instructor, and in the winter I worked as a dog sled guide.


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