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Andrea Kalpana Tabachnick

Andrea Kalpana Tabachnick (She/Her)

Vice President

Kalpana is a long-time student of Baba Hari Dass, whom she met at the first Dharma Sara (DS) Yoga Retreat in 1975, and is deeply honoured and appreciative for a lifelong involvement with both the Hanuman Fellowship Satsang and the Dharma Sara Satsang communities.

She is one of the founding members of the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, along with many others.

Profession wise, in 1980 Kalpana earned a Graphic Design degree from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design and worked as a designer for 10 years.

From 1990-1999, having moved to CA, Kalpana was the first manager of the Hanuman Fellowship’s town venue, the Pacific Cultural Center and served as the Director of the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz, CA. At that time, she was also involved in the asana curriculum development and a senior asana teacher for the MMC 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training.

After returning to Vancouver, from 2002 – 2018 Kalpana served as Director of the Salt Spring Centre’s Yoga Teacher Training program as well as administration of the ongoing Yoga Getaways and other yoga programs. During that time, Kalpana taught public and corporate yoga classes throughout the lower mainland.

Currently, Kalpana serves on the DS Panchayat, and YTT committee. She is looking forward to serving and supporting the DS Board during this transitional time as our path continues to unfold together. Jai!