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Natasha Jyoti Samson

Natasha (Jyoti) Samson

CYA-RYT 200, Ayurveda Health Counsellor & Teacher

Jyoti specializes in dynamic Ayurveda education, sharing her deep understanding of healing the mind, and root cause of suffering, through the physical tools of Ayurveda and Yoga as well as the philosophy and psychology of these sister sciences, developed through nearly ten years of study in both Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda.

She is a graduate of the Mount Madonna Institute of Ayurveda, earning her Ayurveda Health Counselor Diploma in 2018. She is also a graduate of the Saltspring Centre for Yoga YTT program in 2013, where her passion for Ayurveda was first kindled. Jyoti is an Ayurveda & Yoga educator, offering online and in-person, classes, courses and retreats to support the seeker’s self awareness and healing journey. She is also experienced in speaking engagements, Ayurveda consultations, holistic mind, body & soul counselling, and Abhyanga oil massage treatments. Courses include “Yoga as Medicine” and “East Meets West Wisdom for Woman” with Dr. Patricia Mills.

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