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Natasha Jyoti Samson

Natasha (Jyoti) Samson

CYA-RYT 200, AHC, P.Eng. Ayurveda & Yoga Educator

Natasha is an intuitive healer with an engineer’s mind who has been studying, teaching and counseling for more than 15 years. Her love and passion are palpable to everyone who works with her or attends one of her events. She offers her gifts and skills with a servant’s heart and is a medium for divinely inspired healing.

She is dedicated to sharing her deep understanding of healing the mind, the root cause of suffering, through engineering, ancient science, and intuitive knowledge. She draws from both the physical and philosophical wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga and her own intuitive knowledge to connect with the root cause. As someone who is solution-oriented, she uses her natural problem-solving skills to find patterns in all aspects of your life and offers accessible tools, specific to you, to unblock your path.

“I Want More from Life!” Is the theme of her offerings, incorporating physical practices to shift the energy of the mind, food choices that will enhance your well-being, daily rhythms to help the body run efficiently, psychology to overcome limiting beliefs and internal blocks, as well as yoga, strategic movement, breathing and meditation.
She integrates these applied sciences to engineer the human psyche towards greater happiness and contentment, all with the spiritual undertone of Mind, Body & Soul healing.

Natasha hosts retreats, offers courses, workshops, and keynote speaking engagements.

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