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Sharada Filkow

Sharada Filkow (She/Her)


Sharada is a long-time student of Baba Hari Dass, having met him in 1971, and is one of a group of founding members of the Dharma Sara Satsang Society (DSSS). She is deeply grateful to Babaji for his teachings, his guidance, and his vision for the development of The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga (SSCY) and this wonderful Satsang community.

Sharada has served in various capacities over the years from running the kids’ program at summer retreats to cooking in the Centre kitchen, from teaching in the Centre School to editing the Dharma Sara (DS) monthly newsletter and serving on various boards and committees, from teaching yoga philosophy and nonviolent communication to karma yogis and YTT students, to serving on the Panchayat, and becoming an elder in the community.

She and her family moved to Salt Spring Island the year the Salt Spring Centre land was purchased in 1981, and moved to the land in 1983. She has now lived at SSCY for 40 years.

Sharada graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts way back in 1965, and then earned a teaching degree. Both proved useful in ways she didn’t anticipate back then. She is an artist and teacher, mom, and grandmother.