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Sienna Hamilton

Sienna Hamilton (She/Her)


The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga has held a special place in Sienna’s heart ever since she completed her yoga teacher training in 2017. For her, the Centre has been a place that helps her move toward the attainment of peace which allows her to show up fully in other areas of her life in authenticity and with truth. She believes places like this are needed in the world right now.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Environmental and Hispanic Studies from the University of Victoria. Sienna has been involved in the management, operations and administrative accounting of several businesses across differing industries.

Sienna is passionate about understanding societal systems and the role they play in creating equality and fairness in the world. She strives to help lift people up who are struggling and is currently working on her own projects that address challenges in society. Currently, she is also completing a Certificate of Law program with Queen’s University.

Sienna hopes to be of service by bringing her diverse skill set and objective eye to help the Centre navigate hurdles and move collectively toward broader community goals.