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Lyndsay Savage - Yoga Instructor

Lyndsay Savage

Yoga Instructor

I have been teaching Yoga for over 15 years, and the only constant I have found is that if we move in diverse ways, and encompass more inclusions in the body, we feel more whole. We move more unified in the world. It is like a reclaiming of more layers and levels of ourselves.

My experiences with Yoga began early in my life when I was in a summer yoga program in 1974. Here I had my first understanding that we are allowed to find the inner Guru, and our own personal wisdom, (Vijnanamya Kosha).

So, my aim while teaching is to assist in my student’s reclaiming of their sense of proprioception and interoception in the body, and to work from the inside out with their personal wisdom. What helps me as a teacher is curiosity. A curiosity for myself, my teaching and for my students.

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