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Spring stream

News from the Centre – March 2017

Hello everyone, Spring officially begins later this month. Meanwhile, these photos give you a snapshot of our snowy-rainy February and the wet not-quite-spring at the Centre. Here’s what’s been going on behind the scenes at the Centre. Along with ongoing daily tasks and Wednesday work parties, a lot is being accomplished. Milo continues to work […]

Getting along with other people - advice from Baba Hari Dass

Getting along with other people – advice from Baba Hari Dass

Whatever we do, whatever our life situation, chances are it involves other people. Relationship issues become very obvious when living in community; it’s impossible to hide. You may not live in community – you may even live alone – but life involves other people – family, work, friends, all kinds of relationships: with parents, children, […]

Eka pada rajakapotasana variatio

Neha’s Yoga Story

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 15 years and I hope to continue for many more. The reason I’ve kept up with it is because it “works” for me. And when I say “work”, I mean that it continually expands my capacity for kindness, love, patience and peace. I was first introduced to yoga in […]

Recipes from the Centre Kitchen

Recipes from the Centre Kitchen

In response to requests, here are a few easy and delicious protein recipes for your enjoyment. Although many new recipes have been developed over the years, these old favourites are still in demand. If you’d like more recipes, please let me know by leaving a comment; I’d be happy to provide more. Cashew-Carrot Loaf 6 […]

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