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July Greetings from Shankar

The peas are head high, the strawberries are ripening and the first meal of new potatoes can't be far off. The swallows' nest just outside the kitchen door has been home to scores of swallows over the years, and has…

May Greetings from Shankar

Greetings: Spring is the time of renewal, a time to clean the dark corners left untouched through the winter. As more and more spring flowers begin to bloom, albeit belatedly this year, the Centre too is being beautified. Hanging flower…

March Greetings from Shankar

The daffodils and crocuses, undaunted by last week's surprise snowfall and freeze, are showing their buds again, the cover crops on the Centre farm are lush and green, and a myriad of little birds can be seen foraging among the…