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News from the Centre (June 2014)

News from the Centre (June 2014)

Hello everyone, May was a busy month here, and June is looking busier yet. Thanks to our regular resident community and off-land community members, we are ready for the summer season, including YSSI (Yoga Service and Study Immersion) which will be beginning very soon (or will have just begun when this newsletter is posted) and […]

What should I do? What is my duty?

Duty is not a popular concept in the western world. This culture, with its emphasis on individuality and endless personal choice, has an aversion to anything that smacks of obligation. In chapter two of the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna instructs Arjuna to perform action, “being steadfast in yoga, abandoning attachment and balanced in success and failure. […]

Karma Yoga Reflections - Raven, Kris, Jeff & Tana

Karma Yoga Reflections – Raven, Kris, Jeff & Tana

In answer to the prompts: What work are you doing at the Centre? What are you working on within yourself? and What inspires you?, here are a few reflections contributed by some of our karma yogis. Raven Amidst the glorious singing of the frogs, blossoming flowers and the warming days and nights, I have deepened […]

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