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A Letter from Myles

Dear S.S.C.Y Crew,

Thank you so very much for all the warmth and hospitality expressed during my short visit to this awesome space. I really have valued and enjoyed the time I got to spend here visiting my friend David.

More than just a casual visit, my time here has been immersed in the spirit and action of yoga. Something which I understood mostly as stretching and breathing, but has been shown to me as much more. I am grateful to have been touched by the peace this space creates and look forward to bringing some of that with me, to help me have the clarity and strength that I really need in my day to day life. I feel inspired to start (continue?) doing yoga when I get back home and hope that will help me spread peace and love in a more focused and intentional way.

Thank you to Babaji, Ganesh, Hanuman and everyone else here. I wish the centre a great future as it follows its mission forward.