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Babaji Update (December 2017)

As those following Babaji’s health updates from the Hanuman Fellowship likely know, the fall has brought a significant decline to Babaji’s physical activity. He is sleeping more, eating less, and needs much rest. In his brief time awake Babaji is alert and his eyes remain kind and responsive. His physicians say this change is normal and to be expected, and they continue to comment on the excellent care that Babaji receives.

As Babaji’s health continues to decline, many of us are asking about preparations to honour him at the time of his passing. Please know that all will be informed by the website providing updates on Babaji’s health*, by email**, and by text via the Hanuman Fellowship Emergency Text*** system, in the event that Babaji leaves his body. (See below for contact information.)

There will be a number of observances at Mt. Madonna Centre following Babaji’s passing. In addition, plans are being put in place here at the Salt Spring Centre to honour Babaji with prayers and ritual observances for the 13 days following his eventual passing. These include 12 days of tarpaṇam offerings, as well as a traditional śhrãddha ritual on the 13th day after Babaji leaves his body. SSCY will also provide spaces for reflection and meditation, as well as opportunities to gather and remember Babaji and the many ways he’s touched our lives. Please check the SSCY website for further details in the event of Babaji’s passing. Jai Sītā Rām!

* visit

** call the MMC Reception Office (408-847-0406 ext 7) or email to ensure that you’re on the email list

*** text START to 831- 226-0245