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Better Living through Ayurveda

You have made a decision to live better and be healthier, but how will you get there? There are so many options.

“What do I choose? What is going to work for me?”

What typically happens is that we try something we found online or a suggestion from a friend and start to feel great! Temporarily.

One of the reasons why these methods might only provide fleeting relief is that they are not actually designed for you as your unique self or “constitution”. In Ayurveda, we call this your “prakriti”.

Knowing your constitution is the first step to using Ayurveda as your one-stop shop for your happier, healthy life journey.

If you have never had the opportunity to consult an ayurvedic practitioner, you might find filling out an Ayurveda constitution questionnaire a great place to start.

Ayurveda Health Counsellor and Centre YTT instructor Natasha (Jyoti) Samson, offers a free Constitution Questionnaire that anyone can take in just a few minutes.

Take the free Questionnaire (PDF)


Living According to Your Constitution

What is your next step after determining your constitution?

Jyoti offers a number of online resources for balancing your body and mind, depending on your dominant “dosha”.

Kapha Dosha


Pitta Dosha


Vata Dosha


Learn More

Want to do a deeper dive? Join Jyoti at the Ayurveda and Yoga “I Want More from Life” Retreat, June 23 – 25, 2023, at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, where you can learn:

  • your unique constitution, honoring your strengths and the gifts you have to offer
  • strategic movement and yoga asana practices to release abundant energy, clarity and focus
  • how food affects your mood and can be used as mental health medicine
  • how to leverage seasonal foods and cleansing practices to support your natural detox system (mind and body)
  • how your thoughts create your reality and root cause psychology
  • what is no longer serving you and subtle shifts you will make to change your trajectory
  • morning meditation and breathing practices to align your energy
  • evening meditation tools to promote contentment & manifest the future you want