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Farewell, Donna!

DonnaAfter thirteen years of living on Salt Spring and contributing to the Centre and Centre School, Donna is moving “off the rock” for the next phase of her adventures. (translation for non-islanders: leaving Salt Spring).

We’ve been blessed to have her here in our community all these years. Athough many of you know Donna as a fabulous Ayurvedic practitioner and manager of Chikitsa Shala, not everyone knows that she also served as a Dharma Sara representative on the board of directors of the Salt Spring Centre School for several years, many of those years as secretary.

Before she became fully involved with Chikitsa Shala, Donna also used to cook program meals at the Centre. Not only does she give great massages, but she also cooks amazing food – perhaps her Italian heritage? A few years ago, she also did Yoga Teacher Training at the Centre.

Donna, we are fortunate you landed here when you came to Salt Spring and are grateful for your many contributions. Thank you from all of us. (And happy birthday!)

May the longtime sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on.