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Guru Purnima 2015

Join us for Guru Purnima on July 30th, 2015, at 8am,
at Salt Spring Centre of Yoga.

Through our ancient Vedic ceremony (yajna), we will honour Babaji and all spiritual teachers. May we renew and rededicate ourselves to all that the teachings inspire within us, to attain real peace.

We offer our gifts from the heart in deep gratitude.

Guru is your own Self which is projected onto a person who is more knowledgeable and capable of teaching. In the beginning an aspirant seeks support from outside, which is given by the teacher. But when the aspirant begins meditating honestly, his or her own Self is revealed as the Guru. Then the aspirant starts turning inward and finds the path, which is shown by the voice of the heart.

If you are interested in offering at the Yajna, or would like more information, please contact Rajani at 250 537 9537 or