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Healing and Regeneration

Regeneration by Christina Goia

The forest trail at the SS Centre of Yoga has always been a magical place for me. Many of us, the karma yogis, enjoyed it often when I was there, in 2010.

At the time I had a fascination with this one particular tree and looked for it each time on the trail. It has a powerful root, growing from what seemed to have been a “previous incarnation”, in fact a first-growth one. It was “speaking to me” really, only not in words.

When time allowed it, I used drawing to study the tree and slowly distill its message: “Aspirations cut short can have a second chance. Regeneration and growth are the natural way.”

I could relate, my aspiration towards visual arts had been cut short when I was very young, yet it turned out to be only a delay. Living close to nature was another aspiration re-awakening in me, emerging from underneath old mental debris.

It was very soothing to see before my very eyes how strong and unstoppable one’s true nature really is. How gentle is the healing, the regeneration. I saw the the powerful roots embracing the old stump, in complete forgiveness of the past, in complete acceptance of what is. I saw the remains of the old transformed and uplifted, growing higher every day, reaching for the light.

Besides my own personal story, I thought I was also witnessing incredible forgiveness from the forest itself, to the culture that has done the deed, the culture I was coming from.

The magic of the forest continues to work on me, the old serving as fertile ground for the emerging new. I found a friend in a tree and some truth about myself, all at the same time.

About the Artist, Cristina Goia

The Artist, Cristina Goia
The Artist, Cristina Goia
Originally from Eastern Europe, Cristina was working as a statistician in Toronto when the imperative need to draw changed her life. She studied drawing at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, oil painting on her own and more recently under the guidance of Cary Ennis on Salt Spring Island. She came to the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in 2010, to experience karma yoga, living closer to nature and life in community. She continues to live on Salt Spring Island, where she paints, draws or at least looks for eligible subjects most of the time.