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News from the Centre – March 2015

Greetings everyone,

February sped by, but brought with it harbingers of spring: the return of the frogs, daffodils and other spring blossoms, and lots of nettles which we have been enjoying at our meals. David is preparing the soil in preparation for the new growing season in the garden.

David working under the big blue sky; the daffodils are here!
Harvesting nettles in the forest

Shiva Ratri 2015

Shiva Ratri was lovely this year, with quite a few people staying up for the whole night. The focus stayed strong all night. This year there was no ice on the pond, so immersing the lingams was a little easier, although David mentioned that he kind of missed the breaking of the ice.

Farewell and Thanks to Paramita

As everyone is probably aware by now, Paramita has decided that she is ready for a change in her life and will be leaving her position as Centre Director in April. We’re in the process of reviewing applications and will be conducting interviews soon. We will certainly miss Paramita and her calm, caring and very balanced way of dealing with the needs of the Centre. However, life continues to change, and we hope to meet it with grace. Having lived here for many years, I have seen many changes, yet the foundation has remained strong.


We are delighted to welcome Tanner back into the Centre community as a lead cook. We also welcome Tricia, who will be supporting Christine as an assistant housekeeping coordinator.

In this Month’s Newsletter

The “Meet our Karma Yogis” feature has returned, this month introducing you to two of the karma yogis in our community: Marianne Butler and Mark Dadson. You may have seen photos of them in earlier editions; now you can learn a bit about them.

Kenzie, who has been sharing yoga book reviews, this month introduces us to herself. She has been connected with the Centre since 1998, arriving when she was 19 years old – and she is still an integral part of the Centre community. She’s the person who feeds your children during the Centre’s annual community yoga retreats. She’s also a yoga teacher, a mom, a true householder yogi. Please read “Kenzie’s Continuing Love Story with the Centre”.

Also this month, Pratibha offers us “Ego, Attachment and Desire”, with many teachings from Babaji on the subject, beginning with Quiet and peace is the real nature of a being. In this article, Pratibha shares several previously unpublished writings by Babaji. There is lots to absorb here.

Our Annual Growth Spurt is on its Way

The Centre is on the cusp of its annual growth spurt, when the community begins to grow as we move into program season. It won’t be long till Lakshmi returns, along with Jeff and Hamsa, and Julia as well, followed later by more karma yogis.

Applications to YSSI (Yoga Service and Study Immersion) have been arriving since the dates of the program were posted (May 31 – August 31), and interviews will begin later this month. If you know someone who might be interested in spending three months living at the Centre, immersed in the life of a practicing yoga community and working in one of the Centre’s departments, please direct them to our website for more information and an application form.

As the light returns following the dark winter months, may we also shine.