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Notice: Change of Charitable Status

As always, Dharma Sara Satsang Society (DSSS) welcomes and greatly appreciates your donations. We want to inform you that our status has changed and we are no longer able to give donation receipts for income tax purposes.

As anticipated, the status of DSSS as a registered charity has been annulled by the Canadian Revenue Society (CRA). The CRA conducted an audit of activities and finances in 2010-2011 and concluded that not all our activities were charitable in that year. This summary is in keeping with the information presented at the 2015 AGM in May. As noted at the AGM, the Board voted not to contest this annulment. In a letter dated November 3, 2015, we received formal notice that we are no longer a registered charity as of that date. DSSS remains a provincially registered non profit society and we will continue to conduct our organization accordingly and programs as usual.

If you have any questions about this, please contact:

Lakshmi Teresa McPhee
DSSS President

Chandra Pamela Rose
DSSS Treasurer