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Jyoti in India

Bringing Panchakarma Home: Travels to India

Natasha (Jyoti) Samson recently travelled to India where she spent time Sri Ram Ashram, visited sites where Babaji lived and practiced, and took part in an intensive 21-day panchakarma detox at Vaidyagrama Ayurveda. She sat down with us to talk…

Keiko - profile photo sitting in field at the Centre

Keiko Lee-Hem’s Centre Story

2009 – A Big Change in my Life There’s something about stepping out of life’s routines that really stirs things up. It was at my first stint as a Karma Yogi at a retreat centre on Cortez Island when I…

Planting potatoes - April 2023

What’s Happening at the Centre – April 2023

April started with the celebration and ritual of Hanuman Jayanti (Hanuman’s birthday). Babaji taught us this ritual by first sharing it with us at Mount Madonna on his 80th birthday. (Babaji’s birthday is near the same time and so many…

Baba Hari Dass teaching - black and white

Why Argue with Life? 

Are you content with your life? When you’re discontented, frustrated or depressed, it’s usually because something is happening that you don’t like. What would it take for you to be happy right now, in this moment? We tend to think…

Ana and Joe

Karma Yogi Ponderings

Here are the prompts people were given to stimulate some reflections about their lives at the Centre. You may want to consider these questions yourself (perhaps with a little revision to fit your life). What have been the highlights of…